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  Star Gantry Sealers  

The Star Gantry Sealer produces long, straight welds and is available in both free-standing and bench-mounted formats. The machine frame is constructed from an anodised aluminium profile, maximising rigidity whilst minimising weight.

The gantry sealer is available with either one or both jaws heated allowing a wide range of packing materials to be sealed including foil, paper, biodegradable materials, laminates and most modern plastics.

Pneumatically operated automatic jaws allow operators to prepare for the next product during the sealing cycle maximising machine throughput.

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The Star Gantry Sealer is available with:
A sealing length of up to 3000mm
Either single or dual jaw heating
Bench-mounted and free-standing options

The gantry sealer is available with a range of control options including ARTICS and MkVI C controllers.

Star Gantry Sealers datasheet
  Star Gantry Heat Sealer  
Star Gantry Heat Sealer
  Special Gantry Sealer
with automatic cutter

The automatic carrier allows bags of irregular lengths to be made
The bag length is displayed on a digital readout
Polythene tubing is held by custom-designed reel carrier
Special Gantry Sealer
with vacuum capability

The vacuum allows the air to be sucked out of the bag before sealing
The vacuum-packed product has a reduced volume in order to save shipping costs
Star Universal customised the machine to allow pallet boxes to be wheeled underneath for ease of operation.
Gantry Heat Sealer from Star Universal
  Customised gantry sealers can be manufactured to meet your special requirements.
For more information visit our custom sealers page, or call us now on +44 (0)2392 582857.