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  Star Chamber Vacuum Bag Sealer  

The Star Vacuum Chamber Sealer

The Star vacuum chamber range is used for vacuum sealing products where a high vacuum level is required. The product is placed in an unsealed bag inside the chamber. When the lid is closed the built in vacuum pump evacuates the chamber and seals the bag whilst in a vacuum. On completion of the sealing cycle atmospheric pressure is let back into the chamber and the lid opens automatically.

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Typical applications include food and electronics packing but special versions have been built for the chemical and medical sectors.

Bench top and free standing machines
Stainless steel finish
Single or multiple sealing bars, single and double heat
Gas flushing with multiple cycles available
Single program and multiple program versions allowing different vacuum and weld parameters to be preset
The chamber lid is released on completion of the cycle

Star Chamber Vacuum Sealer datasheet
  Audion Vacuum Sealer, Audion Bag Sealer  
Audion Vacuum Sealer, Audion Bag Sealer
  Chamber Vacuum Sealer
to seal bags whilst upright

Machine designed to vacuum seal products into a bag whilst stood upright
Ideal for packing powders and fluids such as ground coffee and soup
Customised formers can be fitted to create brick shaped bags after sealing
Chamber Vacuum Sealer
with customised product support

Double heat jaws meaning thick foil material can be sealed
Special angled support to allow fluid to be vacuum sealed
Special electrical insulation to prevent battery connection strips from shorting
Audion Vacuum Sealer, Audion Bag Sealer
  Customised sealers can be manufactured to meet your special requirements.
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